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Wendy de Leon, a certified saddle adjuster (Saddle Professional), has completed the problem-solving saddle filling (Saddle Professional) course and has followed various training courses at Deuber & Partner.
We have the well-being of your horse as a top priority, and that is noticeable in the way we fit saddles. Horse Stuff & more aims to find a beautiful, suitable, and comfortable saddle for every horse/rider combination so that they as a team can enjoy the collaboration while maintaining the highest possible freedom of movement.

 Wendy de Leon                                                            

There are many essential points that a well-fitting saddle must meet. Think of wither freedom, shoulder freedom, vertebral canal freedom and the correct pressure distribution on the horse’s back.

During a pass consultation, the horse, the rider and the saddle are looked at, first individually and then in combination with each other. We will also request detailed information from the owner or rider about the work that the horse does, whether there are any injuries or complaints, what requirements the horse must meet etc.

Then the horse is examined: Is the back sensitive, are there signs of pain and another discomfort, how do the back muscles feel, is the horse symmetrical in the muscles, are there any particular features in the conformation such as a high withers or a short back, which can influence the saddle fit.

The saddle adjuster needs a dry and safe workplace with sufficient light to be able to examine your horse and saddle. A good saddle consultation takes time; so take other arrangements into account, we need an average of 2 hours. While testing a saddle, you agree that all damage caused by the tester or the horse on which the product is being tested will be compensated by the tester. You are required to wear a cap during the consultation; otherwise, the card consultation cannot take place.

Our consultations are for everyone in a radius of 30 km around Voerendaal and costs € 95.00. Do you live further than 30 km from Voerendaal? The costs for a consultation are € 95.00 excluding travel costs. The travel costs are € 0.35 per kilometer, calculated from Voerendaal (6367 AW) with a maximum of € 35 if you connect to a pass route. If we drive individually for you, the price of € 0.35 per kilometer will be charged.

A Consultation and travel costs must be paid at the time by debit card. We do not accept credit cards, only debit cards.

We ride throughout the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany to fit saddles. Feel free to mail to see if it is possible to combine an appointment in the short term or look on this page to see if we will be in your area soon.

Do you want us to come back several times, so that you can try several or different saddles? That is also no problem; you pay an hourly rate of € 55.00 per hour (excluding travel costs of a maximum of € 35.00).

Are you interested in a consultation? Fill in the contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.
On the map below you can see whether your place of residence is within a radius of 30 km. from Voerendaal. Click image to enlarge.

Ordering a saddle through a pass consultation

All our saddles are specially made to order for you. We will visit you with several saddles for a pass consultation. If you are interested in one of our saddles, we can order it for you. After a deposit of 50% of the total price, the saddle is ordered for you. When we have the saddle, we will visit you free of charge to fit it. All products ordered by you must have the delivery or shipment paid for. This means that the remaining 50% of the total price must be paid as soon as the items have arrived at Horse Stuff & more, or at least before the appointment for the delivery of the saddle takes place.

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Fill in the form below in order to plan an appointment. We will answer your mail within 24 hours. Should you not have received our mail, please check your spam. Sometime our mails are mistakenly interpreted as spam.

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