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The right size

What is the right size for me?*

The right size of the seat for the equestrian depends upon the length of the thigh.
Sit on a chair in a way thay the thigh is horizontal. Then measure the length.
In the table below you can lookup the recommended seat size.

Length of thighRecommended seat size
up to 41 cm15 inch
up to 41 46 cm16 inch
up to 50 cm16,5 inch
up to 54 cm17 inch
up to 58 cm17,5 inch
up to 59 cm and longer18 inch

 Deuber en Partner sizes:

Deuber & Partner bridle sizes:

The indicated size is for the shortest and the longest size of the head piece.

Size Cob; appr. 87 cm – 109 cm
Size Full; appr. 100 cm – 120 cm

Size frontgirdle

Size Cob; appr. 34 cm
Size Full; appr. 37 cm

Headpiece with anatomical cutout at ear level (measured is the lenght  between the ends of the head piece until the front girdle)

Size Cob; appr. 32 cm
Size Full; appr. 38 cm


The Deuber & Partner saddles come in four different sizes:

S1 ± 16/16,5 inch

S2 ± 17/17,5 inch

S3 ± 18/18,5 inch

S4 ± 18,5/19 inch

(available at an additional cost and not possible with all models, see the webshop).

* The above table is intended as a guideline. The suitable size also depends on the build of the rider. In addition, the horse itself is, of course, important. For example, for a horse with a short back, a 17.5-inch saddle can be too large. For large, heavier riders up to 80-85 kg, Deuber does not recommend the shorty version, and it is better to choose the normal size, this has to do with the pressure distribution of the saddle on the horse’s back.

* Because the seat of these saddles is different from an English dressage saddle, it is advisable first to try one of our test saddles or to request a pass consultation.

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