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Working Equitation

Working Equitation is a versatile discipline within the equestrian sport. It originated in Southern Europe from traditional working with cattle in countries such as Portugal, France, Italy and Spain. Today it’s a serious competitive sport worldwide, in which rider and horse show their level of dressage training in four different competition components, partly in combination with practice-oriented obstacles.

The sport does not only stem from working with horses in the field, the traditions and work dressage still form a living basis for every component. A good dressage base is necessary when driving the trails and the cattle.

Horses must be light on the aids, agile and courageous; for example, while working with cattle, a little help should suffice, if you have to ask something three times, the cow has already escaped. In the highest class (Masters), all competition components are ridden one-handed.

A Working Equitation competition consists of four parts: a dressage test, an obstacle course ridden by style (the style trail), the same course but then ridden on time (speed trail) and cattle driving.

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Picture credits Wendy Könings of Traje Corto, your address for traditional Spanish clothing

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